Cannabis The New Super Food

Cannabis or CBD Which is better for Pain


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What is one of the healthiest foods on the planet loaded with nutrients that can be very beneficial for your overall health, medical cannabis buds have proven to be extremely resilient in the benefits that they provide.

Yes, this must be the marijuana plant contains two contains two cannabinoid acids. The best-known and best-studied are THCA and CBDA, these two responsible for the plant’s psychoactive effects.  Most people are familiar with the effects of smoking, vaping, however, the powder extracted from the seed can be used in cooking and baking as a starch and even added to shakes. Eating or drinking raw cannabis allows our bodies to process much higher amounts of THCA and CBDA without any problem. Once they are ingested, via our metabolism, we turn them into the nutrients we need.

Here are some health benefits for cannabis seeds that them one of the best superfoods on the planet.

High in protein

Cannabis and hemp plants are very rich protein. It contains 25 grams of protein per 100 grams. This is higher than all other plant sources, and higher than or equivalent to almost all meat and fish. Cannabis seed also has all nine essential amino acids, these are the ones our bodies cannot synthesize from other amino acids and metabolic particles.

Good for weight loss

Cannabinoidal or CBD, is a compound belonging to the family of cannabis. CBD oil is an oil distilled from cannabis seeds, such oils are legal in most countries and can be purchased easily from various shops like But that doesn’t mean that it will get you high.

New studies on CBD have found that it can be highly effective in the treatment of diabetes, chronic pain, psoriasis, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It also seems that CBD and particular cbd vape UK could help you achieve and maintain less anxious lifestyle and a gentle healthy weight loss too.

A newly published study in the scientific journal Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, Korean researchers studied the effects of CBD administration on preadipocytes (immature fat cells) to explore potential benefits on the treatment and prevention of obesity. Remarkably, CBD was found to do the following:

  • Stimulate genes and proteins that enhance the breakdown and oxidation of fat
  • Increase the number and activity of mitochondria (which increases the body’s ability to burn calories)
  • Decrease the expression of proteins involved in lipogenesis (fat cell generation)

CBD oil blog will help you curb your appetite, and it stimulates genes and proteins that in turn enhance the oxidation and breakdown of fat in our body.

A good way to consume CBD is through gummies especially cbd gummies for anxiety UK. As gummies are usually more easily tolerated and work out cheaper too. 

It should also be noted that CBD Oil fat burning properties comes for the compound  Endocannabinoid, once ingested into our  System it causes it to function even better buy helping the bodies get rid of toxins, and this is one of the main reasons for the weight loss.

The more toxins in our body, the fatter our body creates as a “filter” to help protect our organs from these toxins, SO it doesn’t matter how good your diet is or how many hours you spend at the gym, and you can’t lose weight, this could be the reason.

Helps with anxiety and depression

Researchers have gone to great lengths to find a means of treating what we now think are endocannabinoid-related ailments such as anxiety, depression, and a slew of other health issues. Unfortunately, most of these treatments were and are more trouble than they’re worth.

Although we still have a lot of research to do, cannabis continues to be the most effective remedy for hundreds of millions of people – regardless of its classification as a Schedule 1 drug.

When we ingest cannabis, the cannabinoids from the plant take the place of anandamide in our CB receptors and start to do their thing. Perfect if your body is not producing enough anandamide on its own. You can take cannabis oil whihc typically have no THC content, hence does not leave you with a high. This is perfect if you suffer from pains and various associated benefits in countries like UK where production of cannabis i still a major crime, however safe cbd vape juice is readily available and sold legally.

Prevents heart disease

Hempseed’s fat profile is believed to help prevent a variety of heart conditions.

A study published in 2007 concluded hempseed can prevent blood clotting, which “may be of benefit in the protection against clot-induced strokes and myocardial infarctions.” Another study concluded that hempseed may offer significant protection against stroke.

Finally, the American Chemical Society analysis concluded that the high levels of α-linolenic acid (an omega-3 fat) in hempseed “may have favorable nutritional implications and beneficial physiological effects on the prevention of coronary heart disease and cancer.”

Skin Health 

If your diet doesn’t include sources of fatty acids, this can affect your body in many ways, the most common being thick patches of skin, cracked heels and a host of other skin problems. Since one cannabis seed contains high amounts of fatty acids, using the seeds will alleviate symptoms associated with dermatitis and relieve the effects of eczema.

Promotes Good Sleep

For people who suffer from insomnia, constant anxiety during the night or simply struggle to get a sound, restful night of undisturbed sleep, cannabis essential oil works like a charm. By relaxing the body and mind, and inducing a lower energy level, it will be easier to get your heart rate down and clear your head before a long night of peaceful slumber.

Boosts Appetite

It is well known that people who consume cannabis in other forms notice increased appetite, famously called “the munchies”. However, cannabis essential oil can help regulate your appetite and induce hunger, while also stimulating your digestive system to operate at a regular level. This can help people who want to gain weight quickly, particularly after an extended illness or injury recovery.